Well played…

Over the last decade, almost every network has tried to replicate the success of The Simpsons, and most of the time, the animated shows they create flop within a season. But at least they get a whole season unlike today’s show.

The show lasted from May 31, 2000-June 7, 2000. By my count, that’s a week. Only two episodes were ever aired, and only 6 were ever produced. So it would seem this is possibly the worst television show ever produced, but amazingly, it’s not. It’s absurd, funny and a bit crazy, but it’s from Kevin Smith. What else did you expect? Fraggle Rock?

Of course, I a talking about the ill-fated Clerks cartoon. Starring the original clerks, Dante and Randall, as well as Jay and Silent Bob — all voiced by their original voice actors from the movie — as the show’s main protagonists, and Alec Baldwin as the antagonist/wannabe supervillan Leonardo Leonardo.

I never watched the original run of the show, but a quick scan of the internet’s most trusted source tells me that when it was aired, the episodes were aired out of the intended order. The first episode aired was in fact the fourth episode, where Jay sues Dante and the Quick Stop for $10M, and not to spoil the ending, the Jury finds in favor of Big American Party! And the Second episode aired was in fact the actual second episode, which was a clip show parody, referencing the actual first episode.

Amazingly, this scene does not take place in Russia.

The other four were released on a DVD with commentary and other special features, and I recommend grabbing that if you can. The other four episodes are pretty funny.

The animation style is pretty good and easy on the eyes, and the writing/development was done by Smith and a former Seinfeld writer named David Mandel.

On a personal level, I watched these around 2005 while working at a Tim Horton’s and could pretty much easily identify with Dante and Randall, feeling I was a mixture of both, though not as troublesome, and I didn’t have a multimillionaire villain with his own Odd Job trying to take me down. The show didn’t resonate with test audiences (or audiences period) but I definitely took away something from it. As well as having a few laughs.

Alec Baldwin does a smashing job as the villain, Leonardo Leonardo, and this is perhaps one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen him in. And, of course, Tara Strong makes an appearance as the giggling girls that embarass Dante, quizzing him about his sexual history while giggling excessive ly.

The scowl heard by dozens.

So, if you just skimmed down and looked at the pictures, here’s what you need to know. Watch this show. It’s good. If it were to come back ever, I would watch it again.


I’m living for the weekend!

Hey everybody that’s here from Girls With Slingshots! I hope you’ll stick around for a while and read some posts!

Today, I’m going to talk about what might possibly be my favorite Disney cartoon of all time, The Weekenders.

It aired on ABC’s One Saturday Morning, then on the Disney Channel, and it’s original run lasted 5 years, from 1999-2004. The show revolves around four friends — Tino, Lor, Carver and Tish — who always hang out on the weekend. They usually start at the pizzeria, and head to the  arcade or the mall, or somewhere else 7th graders hang out.

Tino, voiced by the awesome Jason Marsden, is the implied leader of the group — he gets first billing in the show’s intro — and generally keeps the group together, thanks to the advice of his mom. He was very relatable, and developed a lot during the series, eventually getting over a fear of clowns.


So what did the Weekenders mean to me growing up? Not much to tell you the truth, I don’t remember liking this show as a kid — in fact, I don’t even know if I watched it as a kid. But I did watch it in my later teens, say 16 or older, while I was still living at home, and a few times after that. And I have to say I found the writing to be pretty spot on. When I compare this to my childhood, there’s always these archetypes that show up in life. You had a friend who was the jock, the cool guy, the brain or the leader. Well, in general.

Which one am I, guys? I’m the cool one right!

So what else made the Weekenders special to me? The voice cast, along with Jason Marsden, includes Phil LaMarr as Carver, Kath Soucie as Tish, and Grey DeLisle as Lor. That’s a lot of talent that brings these characters to life, and I think that’s what makes these characters so good. When voice actors as good as these do a role, you sort of forget that it’s an actor behind the mic. To me, it doesn’t sound like Max, Phil and Lil, Static Shock and Penny the Squirrel got together to do a show, it sounds like Tino, Carver, Tish and Lor.

Oh, and before I forget, the theme song was done by Wayne Brady, who sounds like he just made it up on the spot. Which kinda rocks. Wayne Brady needs to sing more theme songs.

So did you watch the Weekenders? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments section and as always try to guess what my next post will be about.

Join me next time, when I’ll be talking about a more adult show, that didn’t last very long. But I’m keeping Silent about it until then.

It’ll be better than that book for sure. Look at his face.

Interview with Danielle Corsetto at TCAF 2012

This year at TCAF, I did an interview with Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots. Thanks go to Peter Trinh for being behind the camera, and to Danielle for agreeing to be interviewed.

Look forward to more videos in the future.

Dear Journal…

So, I’m sure most of you out there watched this show. Doug was on from 1991-1994 as a Nickelodeon series, then from 1996-1999 as a Disney series.

The story revolved around the eponymous main character, Doug Funnie, as he grew up in a new town. A typical fish-out-of-water story, Doug has to make new friends in Bluffington, and even finds himself bullied. He keeps a journal, and narrates all the episodes.

Doug himself was a little whiny, naive and generally annoying. But he was likeable.

I'm non-threateningly likeable!

So what made this show good? It was definitely the side characters. Skeeter, his idiot savant friend, who made more mouth noises than a Seinfeld bumper, was probably the best. He looked like a turquoise Fido Dido (look it up) and was full of good advice for Doug.

Ain't no thang, really.

Roger the bully was pretty good, and Patty Mayonnaise lived up to her name. Other than that the rest of Doug’s friends are forgettable.

Then in 1996, all that changed when Brand Spanking New! Doug got made. Disney got their mitts on this IP and ran with it for three years. All of Doug’s friends went through major changes. Skeeter was having growth spurts, turning his arms into noodles sometimes. His fat friend Connie lost a bunch of  weight and learned to play guitar. Roger, the former trailer trash is now living next to the richest family in town.

So even though it had forgettable characters and a bland lead, the show tackled a lot of issues I was growing up with. Namely fitting in at school, and because of that, I found the show very relateable. It might not rank in my top 20 or even top 50, but if it were on TV again, I might watch it. Depending on what else was on.

We don't Suck! let's go to Honker Burger!

Join me again, next time I’ll be talk about another Disney Cartoon. Later Days!

Underappreciated Undergrads?

When I think of my favorite cartoon from when I was a teenager, Undergrads usually ranks pretty high up there. The MTV cartoon, released in Canada on Teletoon,had it’s original run from April to August 2001.

The main character, Nitz, finds himself in his first year of college at the generic State U (not to be confused with U State!) and unsure of what to do. The show is all about Nitz’s and his three friends, Rocko, Cal and Gimpy, trying to get through their first year of college, and pretty much covers every aspect of college life in your first year.

Like finding Stray Cats outside your friend's campus!

When I compare this show to my first year of University, I think I lived it pretty spot on, but I’m not sure if that was just life imitating art or not. Maybe this show primed me so much to expect those things, that I went ahead and did those things anyways.

So what did I like about the show? I’ll start with the voices. The four main characters were voiced by the show’s creator, Pete Williams, according to his imdb page, but I was pretty sure that Rocko’s voice was redubbed, but I can’t find any evidence for that. The side characters are memorable, including Kimmy Burton, and Jesse who made we want to break up with my then girlfriend to find a girl like her at college.

I was primed to get on this!

So was Undergrads as good as I remembered?

I’m inclined to say no. I still like it, but the show’s downfall was the fact that it only had 13 episodes. After years and years of watching them, they tend to get pretty stale. I mean there are definitely some parts that make me laugh still, but I can only take so much of a good thing.

What? He doesn't like the show anymore?!

Join me for my next post about a kid who keeps a journal.

What the hell are you staring at!

So no one guessed which toon I was talking about today, so no shout outs. But I’ll keep this an ongoing thing. I’ll leave a hint at the end of each post, and if you can guess first, I’ll give you the credit.

So, I think this show might be a little obscure, but I enjoyed this show as a kid, even though it was meant for adults. Featuring Jason Alexander and Dweezil Zappa, and about $5 million in celebrity appearances — though I’m sure they worked for less — Duckman was probably one of the funniest cartoons of all time.

The story revolves around Eric Duckman — though they just call him Duckman 99.99999999999% of the time — having adventures, and being the most lecherous duck I’ve ever seen. He also runs his own detective buisness, and is a single father to Ajax, his slightly dazed and confused son, and Charles and Mambo, his conjoint twin sons that are super geniuses, when he can fit it in.

I have sons? Are you sure?

I watched maybe half the series, though not in order, on Teletoon when I was maybe twelve or thirteen and older, and many years later downloaded some of the series, mostly epidosed I had already seen. There’s since been a DVD release of the entire series, and I look forward to picking that up someday.

And I look forward to picking her up!

So what sets this show apart from other adult animated shows? The mature content factor is through the roof, without being South Park levels of crazy, and there are many satirical parts to the show. The animation quality some might say is poor, but I feel that it adds to the show. The animation was produced by Klasky Csupo, who, you may remember is the Rugrats’ production company. The show, even though I was waaaaay to young to watch it, made a lot of sense to me, and made me laugh hysterically. I think it was around that point that I realized that I was a 20-year old trapped in a 13-year old body.

If you haven’t seen this show, all I can do to convince you is tell you that this is Jason Alexander at his best, Dweezil Zappa puts in a memorable performance, and Tim Curry shows up a lot.

A delicious King Chicken, played by Tim Curry. So a Chicken Curry... yeah I ran out of steam.

As usual, if you had an experience with this show, please feel free to leave a comment sharing it with us.

Look forward to my next post, about a show that’s about four friends. can you guess what it is?

Just a quick note!

Hey Folks!

You can look forward to a post tomorrow sometime. It’ll be about a toon I was waaaay too young to watch!

If you can guess what it is, I’ll give you a shout out and a plug for your website!

Peter and Britt, you’re definitely excluded from this.

So leave your guess in the comments, and the first person to guess correctly wins!