I come from the net

Remember in the 90s when CG animation was really freaky? YTV used to run these really weird bumpers that were two minutes or so long, and they would scare the piss out of me. There was one on particular that gave me the same feeling I get when I realize I didn’t do my homework. It was the one where a bunch of balls flew out of a horn and played a xylophone.

But what didn’t scare me was possibly the best (non-Pixar) CG animation to come out of the 90s.

Bob, Enzo, Dot and Frisket from ReBoot

What fourth wall?

Oh, yeah. That’s the stuff.

I recently rewatched ReBoot after finding it on VHS Netflix. This was the first show I ever programmed my PVR VCR for. I was nine years old at the time. I had a dedicated tape for it. But almost 20(!) years later, did it hold the same magic for me?

Well, if you watch it now, some of the computer based jokes are a little dated, but still funny. The slow food episode was pretty funny. I mean, I think people have forgotten what magnets could do to computers.

To be fair, I haven’t watched the whole series — I got as far as somewhere in season three — but I remember losing interest at that point. I think my new found anime addiction had something to do with it. But all in all, the series was entertaining and I’m still quoting it from time to time. That’s usually the mark of a good show for me, when I can still quote it 19 years later. It would be cool if they gave the show a… Nah too easy.

No, no. Say it... we @#$%ing dare you.

No, no. Say it… we @#$%ing dare you.

Until next time, REBOOT!


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