Fighting Crime in a Future Time

So my Fan Expo plans sort of “Petered” out. But, it was super fun just to be around the hall. There weren’t as many artists as I would have liked to meet, and I did get to reconnect with some old acquaintances. So that was neat.

Today’s review is not on a cartoon I’ve watched recently.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t watched this cartoon since I was really young.

I’m talking about COPS.

Wrong one.

I’m talking about the syndicated cartoon based on a line of action figures.

There are two distinct things I remember about this show: The open and closing themes.

The opening features a low-voiced bad-ass cop named Bulletproof. He narrates the opening and closing of the show. During the end credits, he rattles off the names of the Crooks in the series.

Bulletproof, so called because he lost his torso in a car accident involving Big Boss, the lead villain, is so memorable, and so bad-ass, he finds the best COPS around to get his revenge for losing his torso.

He doesn’t rhyme and his voice puts Shaft to shame. Ladies, start your creaming.

The leader of the Crooks is Big Boss who’s doing his best Edward G. Robinson voice. You know the voice, where everything is as nasal as possible, and every-GD-thing is suffixed with “See?”. That voice.

He looks a little bit like a short Kingpin with less muscle and way more henchman.

The show is a glorified cops and robbers type deal. Each episode shows off a COP having awesome accessories. Buy them all! Or Big Boss will eat your soul.

Just like this cat was seconds after this picture.

And since everything is MLP:FiM, there’s a voice actress you can hear in this show that plays one of the Mane Six. Bonus points if you can find her.