Well played…

Over the last decade, almost every network has tried to replicate the success of The Simpsons, and most of the time, the animated shows they create flop within a season. But at least they get a whole season unlike today’s show.

The show lasted from May 31, 2000-June 7, 2000. By my count, that’s a week. Only two episodes were ever aired, and only 6 were ever produced. So it would seem this is possibly the worst television show ever produced, but amazingly, it’s not. It’s absurd, funny and a bit crazy, but it’s from Kevin Smith. What else did you expect? Fraggle Rock?

Of course, I a talking about the ill-fated Clerks cartoon. Starring the original clerks, Dante and Randall, as well as Jay and Silent Bob — all voiced by their original voice actors from the movie — as the show’s main protagonists, and Alec Baldwin as the antagonist/wannabe supervillan Leonardo Leonardo.

I never watched the original run of the show, but a quick scan of the internet’s most trusted source tells me that when it was aired, the episodes were aired out of the intended order. The first episode aired was in fact the fourth episode, where Jay sues Dante and the Quick Stop for $10M, and not to spoil the ending, the Jury finds in favor of Big American Party! And the Second episode aired was in fact the actual second episode, which was a clip show parody, referencing the actual first episode.

Amazingly, this scene does not take place in Russia.

The other four were released on a DVD with commentary and other special features, and I recommend grabbing that if you can. The other four episodes are pretty funny.

The animation style is pretty good and easy on the eyes, and the writing/development was done by Smith and a former Seinfeld writer named David Mandel.

On a personal level, I watched these around 2005 while working at a Tim Horton’s and could pretty much easily identify with Dante and Randall, feeling I was a mixture of both, though not as troublesome, and I didn’t have a multimillionaire villain with his own Odd Job trying to take me down. The show didn’t resonate with test audiences (or audiences period) but I definitely took away something from it. As well as having a few laughs.

Alec Baldwin does a smashing job as the villain, Leonardo Leonardo, and this is perhaps one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen him in. And, of course, Tara Strong makes an appearance as the giggling girls that embarass Dante, quizzing him about his sexual history while giggling excessive ly.

The scowl heard by dozens.

So, if you just skimmed down and looked at the pictures, here’s what you need to know. Watch this show. It’s good. If it were to come back ever, I would watch it again.


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