Underappreciated Undergrads?

When I think of my favorite cartoon from when I was a teenager, Undergrads usually ranks pretty high up there. The MTV cartoon, released in Canada on Teletoon,had it’s original run from April to August 2001.

The main character, Nitz, finds himself in his first year of college at the generic State U (not to be confused with U State!) and unsure of what to do. The show is all about Nitz’s and his three friends, Rocko, Cal and Gimpy, trying to get through their first year of college, and pretty much covers every aspect of college life in your first year.

Like finding Stray Cats outside your friend's campus!

When I compare this show to my first year of University, I think I lived it pretty spot on, but I’m not sure if that was just life imitating art or not. Maybe this show primed me so much to expect those things, that I went ahead and did those things anyways.

So what did I like about the show? I’ll start with the voices. The four main characters were voiced by the show’s creator, Pete Williams, according to his imdb page, but I was pretty sure that Rocko’s voice was redubbed, but I can’t find any evidence for that. The side characters are memorable, including Kimmy Burton, and Jesse who made we want to break up with my then girlfriend to find a girl like her at college.

I was primed to get on this!

So was Undergrads as good as I remembered?

I’m inclined to say no. I still like it, but the show’s downfall was the fact that it only had 13 episodes. After years and years of watching them, they tend to get pretty stale. I mean there are definitely some parts that make me laugh still, but I can only take so much of a good thing.

What? He doesn't like the show anymore?!

Join me for my next post about a kid who keeps a journal.


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