Way way back in the 1980s

It’s time to talk Clone High. This short-lived series ran just under a year (November 02 – April 03) with an episode count of 13. The show focused on the lives of 5 clones of historical figures: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, Joan of Arc and Cleopatra.

The show was essentially a play on the teenage drama, and was set at Clone High. So if you’ve never seen it before, you’re a terrible person imagine Degrassi with clones.

Just like my high school!

Look at all those smiling clones.

This series sticks in my mind because the humor in it was so self-referential, usually involving jokes about the clones’ past. Abe, whose historical counterpart was possibly one of the greatest leaders of all time, is a normal wishy-washy teenager, trying to score with the cheerleader and lacking any leadership that would have been endowed by his genetics.
But the true comedic genius came from a slew of guest stars, including Tom Green, Jack Black and my personal favorite, John Stamos.


Damn him! With his jet black hair and winning smile!!!

So why should you watch this show? It’s got sweet animation, a funny voice cast and the story is solid throughout 13 solid episodes.
If you can find it on DVD, I recommend you buy it. Hell, buy two and give one to me.

Did you watch Clone High? Let me know about your experiences in the comments section, or on Twitter, @imprintex.

Stay tooned, on Wednesday we talk French.


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