It’s time for…

There’s probably three things you think of when you see that giant Warner Brothers logo: Warner Brothers movies, Bugs Bunny cartoons and — perhaps most fresh in your mind, and definitely mine — Animaniacs.

That cartoon featuring the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) Yakko, Wakko and Dot. Now, I know I’m not the first guy to touch on the subject, but I feel like writing about more cartoons today.

Possibly one of the wittiest, zaniest, and most relevant cartoons ever made, Animaniacs started in 1993 (I was eight). Created by Paul Ruegger, creator of Tiny Toon adventures, and Steven Spielberg’s name was also attached.

My favorite toon on the show was ‘Meatballs or Consequences’ where the Warners found themselves in Sweden at a meatball eating contest. Wakko had to eat one more meatball to win, and does, but in doing so becomes “living impaired” as the Swedish Death put it. The Warners then challenge death to a game of checkers, a direct reference to the Ingmar Bergman film ‘The Seventh Seal’.

I'm so Swedish it hurts!

No child that young in 1993 would even know what the hell “The Seventh Seal” is.* And yet, the writers for that episode went ahead, knowing that eventually, they’ll get it. (It took me another 15 years.)

My favorite characters are the goodfeathers, based of course of the Goodfellas. These Italian-American stereotype pigeons — based on Joe Pesci, Robert DeNiro and Ray Liotta — cracked me up. Whether playing in a parody of ‘West-Side Story’ or perching on top of a statue of Martin Scorsese, these birds were definitely meant for the adults watching.

We're so eyetalian-american it hurts!

If you haven’t watched Animaniacs in a while, you definitely need to find some. You will laugh even harder than you did as a child. I promise.

Please share your favorite episodes, characters in the comments!

Until next time, Good night, Everybody!

*Unless, of course, you’re Swedish. In which case I’m sure that film is required viewing in grade 2. (Or the Swedish equivalent.)


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